New Release: Mosaic EP (19.04.2024)

Don't Judge Me For My Fantasy (Master, Unreleased | 2020)

Dance Anywhere (Popshop Remix | Release 2019)

Vampires (Turn of the Year Mix | Release 2019)

Foursome EP (Produced at Hardstudios | Release 2018)

Internal Fire (Popshop Remix)

Reconnect EP (Release 2018)

LIVE at Albanibühne, Albanifest (2018)

Desire, Fantasy & Art (Rework | 2017)

VAMPIRES (Snippet, Hardstudios Switzerland)

Day Off (Unreleased, 2015)

Desire, Fantasy and Art (Unreleased, 2014)

Music For The Lonely Island (Album Snippets)

She Wants To Break Out (masseDefekt Remix)

Internal Fire (Popshop Remix)

Love Noir

The Life Before (Long edit)

Dark Dark Mountain (Acoustic Version)